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Title: 言語の研究とコミュニケーション : 基本的な考え方を顧みる
Other Titles: Linguistics and Communication : an Essay in Retrospect
Authors: 岡野, 哲
OKANO, Satoshi
Keywords: language
Issue Date: 31-Mar-1994
Publisher: 北海学園大学人文学会
Abstract: In 1920's, Otto Jespersen emphasized the importance of the processes underlying speech. In practice, however, his linguistic description does not necessarily testify to consistent regard to the process of communication. Fumio Nakajima, a critic of Jespersen in Japan, drew upon Anton Marty's philosophy of language and distinguished two levels of communication, namely, the level of <Kundgeben> [=informing] and that of <Mitteilen> [=communicating]. Nakajima's work in grammar and semanctics, however, is in the main restricted to the analysis at the level of informing. This limited perspective on the part of linguists will be liable to reinforce the general public's simplistic view of speech communication, such that language is a vehicle of thought, enabling a person to almost automatically communicate with his or her partner. But recent developments in pragmatics, such as seen in the works by H.C. Grice, G. Leech, D. Sperber=D. Wilson etc. reveal analysed details at the levels of informing and communicating. These will fill the gaps in the general outlook on language which stem from linguists' restricted view of speech communication. As well as the structure of speech communication, the truthfulness of what is communicated in speech is of paramount importance to human life in society. Rhetoric, therefore, will be of increasing relevance as the pursuit of appropriate formation of a truthful text which realizes truthful speech communication.
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