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Title: Sources of Collocational Choice (as mediated by metonymy and metaphor)
Authors: JONES, Willie
Keywords: Collocation
Issue Date: 31-Oct-1995
Publisher: 北海学園大学人文学会
Abstract: Language users face many decisions: not only, say, must we choose the particular words which convey the meaning that we wish to express, we must also choose words which form acceptable partnerships with those terms. Should we, for instance, select a particular noun from a set or family of apparent synonyms rather than one of its sister terms, we shall have to choose the appropriate adjectives, verbs and prepositions to accompany it; these choices are severely restricted, and the possible combinations are by no means always interchangeable. One of the reasons for this is that many words and idiomatic phrases-which native speakers use intuitively-have in fact come to mean what they do by way of a number of evolutionary steps, and these steps have regularly been metaphorical or metonymic in nature: that is to say, they are transformations or translations of linguistic usage which are based upon similarity (by metaphor across linguistic domains) or upon family relationships (by metonymy within a domain). The writer has selected for analysis four sets of familiar words which illustrate this phenomenon; the words in each of the sets might be thought to be roughly synonymous and therefore interchangeable within a given context. The aim of the analysis is to show that when we select one member of such a set, we co-select words to accompany that term which mav not combine with other terms in the same set-and that the reasons for this depend upon the pre-figurative nature of the terms from which the figurative terms have, over time, evolved.
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