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Title: カナダのイメージ : 異文化接触としての姉妹都市関係の視点より(I)
Other Titles: IMAGES OF CANADA : Visiting Canadian Twin Cities (1)
Authors: 井上, 真蔵
INOUYE, Shinzo
Issue Date: 31-Oct-1997
Publisher: 北海学園大学人文学会
Abstract: There are twenty-three cities and towns in Hokkaido which have been twinned with their Canadian counterparts. So, many people in Hokkaido have visited their twin cities and towns in Canada. Visiting their twins in Canada provides them with a number of direct crosscultural contacts with various acpects of Canada and Canadian people. This paper examines how such cross-cultural contacts affect the people's existing images of Canada and Canadians as well as their self-images, and what kind of "new" images are added. We extracted people's images from the visitors' reports and the interviews conducted in thirteen towns and cities in Hokkaido, and classified these images into three categories, i.e., the images of the "public" environment, which is accessible to everyone, including tourists; the images of the "official" environment, which is concerned with official ceremonies and activities, accessible only to the visitors from twin cities; and the images of the "private" environment, which enables these visitors to stay with their Canadian host families and to get in touch with various facets of Canadian life. Examining 118 images in the "public" environment, Part I points out in what way the contacts in this field affected and modified visitors' images, and that they added a great number of "new" images, which would help them form more accurate images about Canada. It also points out that many images are concerned with visitors' attempts to observe not only superficial aspects but also "hidden aspects" of Canadian way of doing things, and that some images affected visitors' self-images and values to such an extent to which they changed their pattern of behaviour.
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