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Title: レジスター管見 : 談話分析の視点から
Other Titles: On REGISTER : A Discourse-Analytic Outlook
Authors: 岡野, 哲
Keywords: idiolect
Issue Date: 31-Mar-1998
Publisher: 北海学園大学人文学会
Abstract: It is attempted in this essay to scrutinize the definitions of the concept of REGISTER and to attempt any possible remedy for ambiguities in the use of the term. REGISTER began to appear in the literature in the early sixties, but its definition have not reached sufficient clarity, distinctness and usefulness as yet. It is noted that nowadays the term is found being used as a slippery but convenient signpost by American sociolinguists with its ambiguity still undissolved. The ambiguity is rooted in its earliest conceptualization. This is made clear by applying the Hjelmslevian distinction of INVARIANT/VARIANT/VARIETY/VARIATION to the actual use of the term in the literature. There is no question that REGISTER is related to an individual speaker's language-IDIOLECT which is a continuum of infinite diversification. But no humans are capable of being alive without their inborn knowledge of NORMALIZING their own world. Thus they naturally get to know the norms, types, or regularities in their own idiolects and other surrounding idiolects they are in constant contact with. It is often the case that categorization is not amenable to some idiolectal differences, but where it is, it is made possible through the medium of condition which stands between the nebulous continua of idiolects and their categorizations. This sort of condition, however, cannot be summarized by a simple term such as REGISTER. The concept of REGISTER can only be useful as a general designation of an area of study relating to how to discover norms or regularities and categorize them with the use of other more well-defined concepts. Otherwise it will turn out to be nothing but a nuisance to meticulous analysts.
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