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タイトル: 15世紀イングランドにおける司教管区の行政 : R・L・ストーリの所説の紹介と解説(下)
その他のタイトル: Diocesan Administration in Fifteenth-Century England : Notes Introductory to an Essay by R. L. Storey
著者: 東出, 功
発行日: 31-Oct-1998
出版者: 北海学園大学人文学会
抄録: Robin Lindsay Storey's Diocesan Administration in Fifteenth-Century England (2nd ed., 1972) consists of the following sections. (PART ONE) §1 The administrative organisation of dioceses and its severance from the episcopal familia. §2 Episcopal or diocesan senior officers: registrar, chancellor, official-principal, vicar-general, commissary-general, sequestrator-general, rural dean, archdeacon and his official. §3 Prosopographical sketches of senior officers. (PART Two) §4 The last century of the pre-Reformation church. In the present paper, the writer tries to represent the details that Storey reveals in his own essay, by making a page-by-page examination of it. Besides the author's original foot-notes, a number of additional ones are prepared by the writer, for a better understanding of the details. The three appendices are added: (1) An English version of the 'Great Curse' in 1434; (2) The 'great' statute of praemunire of 1393; and (3) A statute of 1495 against unlawful assemblies.
URI: http://hokuga.hgu.jp/dspace/handle/123456789/1285


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