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Title: Jewish American Confrontations with Anti-Semitism : Identity and Worldview
Authors: O'Brien, Patrick
オブライエン, P.
Issue Date: 31-Mar-1999
Publisher: 北海学園大学人文学会
Abstract: This paper will argue that anti-Semitism is a device employed by the American Jewish community that has very little to do with what real Gentiles think, say, or do. It fulfills functions for various constituencies in the Jewish community, and it is only because of the cumulative Jewish American ability to amplify intra-Jewish concerns onto the broader canvas of American life that anti-Semitism can be presented as something emanating from the enemies of Jews. Succinctly put, American anti-Semitism exists largely in the minds of American Jews. Conventional wisdom regarding anti-Semitism in America is largely wrong, but it is accepted for reasons that are not entirely accidental; in fact, the Jewish community in America, through both "deception and self-deception," has consistently constructed a narrative in line with its needs, yet it is a narrative preciously short of describing what has really been happening in America between Jews and Gentiles. This paper will briefly examine the evidence for Gentile Jew hatred, but mostly it will deal with the psychological needs of many individual American Jews and with the needs of the Jewish community as a whole for the existence of anti-Semitism. Finally, the paper will examine the moral dimensions of accusing the surrounding Gentile society of a serious shortcoming, a flaw of which it may not be guilty.
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