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タイトル: A Pre-service Teacher's Retrospective Verbalization of an EFL Practicum Lesson
著者: Yonesaka, Suzanne
米坂, スザンヌ
キーワード: English
pre-service teachers
発行日: 31-Jul-2000
出版者: 北海学園大学人文学会
抄録: This study investigates the unvoiced "theories" of language teaching that underlie the classroom actions of a pre-service Japanese teacher of English. The informant viewed a videotape of himself teaching a practicum lesson and simultaneously reported on thoughts he had had while teaching. Semantic analysis found that two-thirds of the thoughts concerned pedagogical thoughts and events specific to that lesson, and one-third concerned the informant's perceptions and beliefs. Subsequent analysis found that some classroom actions were congruent with stated beliefs, but others were not. The informant was strongly influenced by his own past experiences as a learner and attended to affective aspects of language teaching more than linguistic aspects. The informant was negatively affected by excessive constraints on lesson content and teaching method. The study suggests that an ongoing, retrospective analysis of small segments of classroom teaching may help pre-service teachers recognize their "theories" of teaching.
URI: http://hokuga.hgu.jp/dspace/handle/123456789/1317


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