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25-Sep-2004 On Weight Functions and Norms of Some Singular Integral Operators YAMAMOTO, Takanori; 山本, 隆範
25-Mar-2007 くじ引きの問題の解法について(1) 山本, 隆範; YAMAMOTO, Takanori
25-Mar-2013 ルベーグ・ヒルベルト空間の不変部分空間について(1) 山本, 隆範; YAMAMOTO, Takanori
25-Mar-2017 On Some Singular Integral Operators Which are One to One Mappings on the Weighted Lebesgue-Hilbert Spaces YAMAMOTO, Takanori
25-Dec-2017 Algebraic Properties of Singular Integral Operators on L2 with Cauchy Kernel YAMAMOTO, Takanori
25-Jul-2018 重み付きルベーグ・ヒルベルト空間上の解析射影の有界性について 山本, 隆範; YAMAMOTO, Takanori