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タイトル: 森林環境の健康増進効果と森林保養地における予防医療-生活習慣病の減少を目指して-
その他のタイトル: Health promotion effect of forest environment and preventive medicine in forest resorts-Aim at decreasing Lifestyle Diseases-
著者: 田辺, 隆司
Tanabe, Takashi
キーワード: 生活習慣病
lifestyle diseases
forest resort
forest therapy
insurer effort support system
発行日: Feb-2018
出版者: 北海商科大学学術研究会
抄録: 森林療法は生活習慣病の予防に効果的であり、各地に森林保養地が開設されている。また、森林保養地と医療機関とが協力すれば、患者数の減少に貢献することが期待される。津別町の調査で両者の連携を質問したところ、多くの住民は森林保養地への医師の巡回診療や、町内の病院を活用することを望んでいた。さらに上松町の事例から、病院と森林保養地との連携は、医師の社会的使命感や自治体の支援により成立していることが判明した。一方、今年から市町村国保の保険者が個人の健康増進への取り組みに支援できるようになる。これらより、日本における森林保養地と医療機関との連携の形態について考察した。
Since forest therapy is thought to be effective in the prevention of lifestyle diseases,forest resorts have been established in various places. In addition, it is thought that collaboration between forest resorts and medical institutions can contribute toward a decrease in the number of lifestyle disease sufferers. When asked about such cooperation in this investigation of Tsubetsu town, many residents indicated that they wanted to use hospitals in the town, as well as have traveling clinics regularly visit their forest recreation area. Furthermore, in the case of Agematsu town, it was found that current cooperation between the hospital and the health resort was established by the doctor's social sense of mission and by the support of the municipality. From this year, insurers of municipal national health insurance will be able to support individual health promotion efforts. Therefore an examination was made of the forest resorts and how they might better collaboration with medical institutions in Japan.
URI: http://hokuga.hgu.jp/dspace/handle/123456789/3434
ISSN: 21863296
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