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31-Oct-1995 Sources of Collocational Choice (as mediated by metonymy and metaphor) JONES, Willie
31-Mar-1996 The Figure in the Idiom JONES, Willie
31-Oct-1996 A Matter of Prosody, or Why Prosody Matters JONES, Willie
31-Mar-1997 An Article on the Article JONES, Willie
31-Oct-1998 On Being a Schoolmaster (for Donald Wright, who gave me my chance) Jones, Willie; ジョーンズ, W.
31-Jul-1999 A prolegomenon to a study of editorial practice : translating nihongo into English Jones, Willie
30-Nov-1999 Shakespeare and the Embodied Voice (in memory of George Rylands : 1902-1999) Jones, Willie
31-Mar-2000 On Horses and Carts : Further Thoughts on Translation Jones, Willie
31-Jul-2000 Love and the Individual (in Education) Jones, Willie