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31-Mar-2003 Time management beliefs and dilemmas : Secondary English teacher candidates in Japan Yonesaka, Suzanne M.; 米坂, スザンヌ
30-Nov-2004 Teaching What, to Whom, How, and Why: A Review of Pre-service Japanese EFL Teacher Beliefs Yonesaka, Suzanne M.; 米坂, スザンヌ
31-Mar-2007 Supplementing an English Phonetics Course with On-line Independent Study Yonesaka, Suzanne M.; 米坂, スザンヌ
0-Mar-2008 Students' Language Learning Beliefs, Proficiency, and L1-Dependence Yonesaka, Suzanne M.; 米坂, スザンヌ
31-Jul-2009 Practical Phonetics for Language Learners : Evaluating a Blended Course Yonesaka, Suzanne M.; 米坂, スザンヌ
25-Dec-2017 J. Bouchard, Ideology, Agency, and Intercultural Communicative Competence: A Stratified Look into EFL Education in Japan, Springer, 2017 Yonesaka, Suzanne M.
25-Dec-2018 Pronunciation Teaching and Research: Inclusion and Exclusion Yonesaka, Suzanne M.