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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Dec-2009 The Films of Morgan Freeman: Various Readings O'BRIEN, Patrick; オブライエン, パトリック
25-Dec-2017 The Great Capitalist Gatsby: Suspending and Maximizing Values in F. Scott Fitzgeraldʼs : The Great Gatsby MATSUURA, Kazuhiro
31-Mar-2017 The Impact of the EU-U.S. TTIP on ASEAN’s Exports Uprasen, Utai
25-Jun-2006 THE MENACE OF FLIGHT O'BRIEN, Patrick; オブライエン, パトリック
25-Mar-2005 The modernization and japanization of contemporary Japanese ceramics by Itaya Hazan UEKI, Mikio; 植木, 幹雄
Feb-2016 The Operational Models of Farmers Specialized Cooperatives in China's Mountainous Countryside : Case Studies Based on Zhen'an County, Southern Shaanxi Province Li, Shunjie; 李, 顺杰
30-Jul-2011 The oral presentation:an EFL teacher’s toolkit Ian, Munby
30-Jun-2019 The shift of the benefits provision risk by being specified ISHIZUKI, Masaki
31-Jul-1999 The Study of Terminology of the Netherworld in Sumero-Akkadian Literature (4) Kuwabara, Toshikazu; 桑原, 俊一
15-Jan-2021 The Theoretical Background of Photophysical and Photochemical Processes in Micellar Aggregates: An Overview AIKAWA, Masayuki
30-Jun-2004 The Turning Point in Eighteenth Century French Economics and Population Studies : Cantillon and Mirabeau There, Christine; クリスティーヌ・テレ
31-Mar-2000 The Uses American Jews Make of Three "Myths" O'Brien, Patrick
31-Oct-1996 The Value of Literature in Second Language Acquisition CUNLIFFE, Brenda
30-Sep-2018 Theories of Political Power: Filmer, Hobbes, and Locke NAKAMURA, Toshiko
30-Sep-2017 Three.js ライブラリによる全天球画像の疑似立体視表示 菊地, 慶仁; Kikuchi, Yoshihito; 間野, 絢也; Mano, Jun’ya
31-Mar-2003 Time management beliefs and dilemmas : Secondary English teacher candidates in Japan Yonesaka, Suzanne M.; 米坂, スザンヌ
0-Mar-2004 TMT分析モデルにおけるパワー構造要因の重要性 : 社長-TMTメンバー間異質性に関する実証可能性の検討 佐藤, 大輔; Satoh, Daisuke
31-Mar-2023 To Suzanne Yonesaka, with Gratitude and Admiration Jeremie, BOUCHARD; TANAKA, Hiroya
31-Oct-1998 TOEFL Preparation : Teaching With Time Constraints Ward, Paul; ウォード, P.
14-Mar-2014 TPP は,「平成の開国」か? : 賛成派と反対派の誤解 宮島, 良明; MIYAJIMA, Yoshiaki
31-Oct-1996 Traditional Phonetics and Neo-Macro-Phonetics WAIN, Peter
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