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25-Dec-2014 Investigating Pair/Group Work in Japanese Junior High School EFL Classrooms through Action Research Jérémie, BOUCHARD; John, NICOLAI
14-Mar-2014 IR(機関調査)と学修時間 : 社会のグローバル化のなかで 桑原, 俊一; KUWABARA, Toshikazu
30-Mar-2013 Is Restorative justice compatible with retributive justice? : From the authoritarian retributive-deterrent criminal law Towards the free and social democratic criminal law 吉田, 敏雄; YOSHIDA, Toshio
25-Dec-2017 J. Bouchard, Ideology, Agency, and Intercultural Communicative Competence: A Stratified Look into EFL Education in Japan, Springer, 2017 Yonesaka, Suzanne M.
31-Jul-1999 Jacob at the Country Club : Hollywood Images of the WASP O'Brien, Patrick
1-Mar-2010 Japanese Business in the BOP Market: Sources, High Potential and Some Issues(General Research on the Policies toword economically and socially Independence in Decentralized Society(II)) 菅原, 秀幸; SUGAWARA, Hideyuki
31-Aug-2016 Japanese EFL learners’L2 pragmatic and grammatical awareness in relation to vocabulary knowledge Oki, Nanaho
31-Mar-1999 Jewish American Confrontations with Anti-Semitism : Identity and Worldview O'Brien, Patrick; オブライエン, P.
31-Oct-1997 Joy Kogawa's Triad of Invasion : Obasan (1981), Itsuka (1992), and The Rain Ascends (1995) Sellwood, Jane Leslie
14-Feb-2012 Kinectを用いた自律移動ロボットの制御 杉山, 懐吾; 深谷, 健一; SUGIYAMA, Kaigo; FUKAYA, ichi
30-Jun-2018 La mémoire de la guerre civile: réflexion autour de la relation entre Rousseau et Genève Kobayashi, Yoshinori
31-Oct-1994 Learner Variations in Communication Strategies : A Study of Japanese, Chinese and American Paraphrasing Techniques in English and Their Application to Task-Based Grammar Instruction KOBAYASHI, Toshihiko; 小林, 敏彦
31-Mar-2007 Lessing as a Proponent of Modern Dialectical Theism Yasukata, Toshimasa; 安酸, 敏眞
25-Mar-2017 LINE 利用が精神的健康,社会関係資本,人生満足度に及ぼす影響 : 大学生を対象とした検討 古谷, 嘉一郎; 松井, 大; FURUTANI, Kaichiro; MATSUI, Dai
25-Sep-2008 Linuxと情報教育 晴山, 雅寛; HARUYAMA, Masahiro
25-Sep-2005 LL教室のコンピュータ化について 上野, 之江; UENO, Yukie
25-Dec-2006 LMS(Learning Management System)導入による学部教育への影響と効果 : 北海学園大学経営学部における講義支援システム「GOALS」導入のケース・スタディ 佐藤, 大輔; 浅村, 亮彦; 天笠, 道裕; 浦野, 研; 福永, 厚; SATOH, Daisuke; ASAMURA, Akihiko; AMAGASA, Michihiro; URANO, Ken; FUKUNAGA, Atushi
20-Feb-2009 Localization of the Brain Activity During Stereopsis for Random-dot Stereo-grams by Use of Spatiotemporal Dipole Source Localization Method TOYOSHIMA, Hisashi; YAMANOI, Takahiro; YAMAZAKI, Toshimasa; OHNISHI, Shin-ichi
31-Jul-2000 Love and the Individual (in Education) Jones, Willie
25-Dec-2017 M. M. ドブロトゥヴォールスキーのアイヌ語・ロシア語辞典(22) 寺田, 吉孝; ТЭРАДА, Йоситака; 安田, 節彦; ЯСУДА, Сэцухико
25-Mar-2018 M. M. ドブロトゥヴォールスキーのアイヌ語・ロシア語辞典(23) 寺田, 吉孝; ТЭРАДА, Йоситака; 安田, 節彦; ЯСУДА, Сэцухико
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