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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jun-2003 <資料>現代アメリカの環境論(一) : 北西部インディアン漁業に関する判決 : 第九巡回裁判区の歴史における啓発的事件(2001) ウィルキンソン, チャールズ・F; 鈴木, 光(訳); WILKINSON, Charles F.; AUZUKI, Hikaru(Translated)
30-Jun-2003 <資料>現代中国の環境論(三) : 中国の環境と自然資源立法の目的と任務(1999) 金, 瑞林; 汪, 勁; 鈴木, 光(訳); Suzuki, Hikaru
25-Jun-2003 <資料>高齢者の冬季における身体活動量と転倒セルフエフィカシー : 道東の高齢者を対象にして 竹田, 憲司; TAKEDA, Kenji
31-Mar-2021 A Book Review of Miklós Nyiszli,I was Doctor Mengeleʼs Assistant: The Memoirs of an Auschwitz Physician, Frap-Books, Oświęcim (Poland) 2010, xx+193p. Kimura, Kazunori
25-Mar-2015 A Case Study of an International Exchange Programme in Japan:A Pilot Study 石井, 晴子; ISHII, Haruko
30-Sep-2004 A Case Study of Cooperative Activities within International Joint Ventures Ushimaru, Hajime
31-Jul-2002 A Communicative Approach to Second Language Testing and Evaluation Cunliffe, Brenda
30-Nov-1993 A Content-Based Approach to the Learning of Vocabulary Through Composition and Schematic Mapping SUENAGA, Eiji Leland
31-Oct-1996 A Matter of Prosody, or Why Prosody Matters JONES, Willie
31-Aug-2019 A Need for Pragmatic Instruction ZEFF, B. Bricklin
31-Jul-2000 A Pre-service Teacher's Retrospective Verbalization of an EFL Practicum Lesson Yonesaka, Suzanne; 米坂, スザンヌ
31-Jul-1999 A prolegomenon to a study of editorial practice : translating nihongo into English Jones, Willie
30-Nov-2005 A Proposal to Use Classroom Discourse Frames to Investigate Patterns of Teacher L1 Use Yonesaka, Suzanne
25-Dec-2015 A Qualitative Probe Into the Causal Relations Among Strategy Use,Motivation, and Beliefs in EFL Reading 松本, 広幸; MATSUMOTO, Hiroyuki
31-Mar-1998 A Rationale for Global Education in EFL Gaunt, Amanda
30-Nov-2006 A review of The Blank Slate by Stephen Pinker Munby, Ian; マンビ, イアン
25-Jun-2013 A stratified view of the Japanese EFL system at the junior high school level Jérémie, BOUCHARD
25-Mar-2010 A Study for Relationship Between Design Strategy and Decision-Making Style in Design Development Process(The Commemorative Issue in Honor of Professor Shigeo Kuroda on the Occasion of his Retirement) 森永, 泰史; Morinaga, Yasufumi
30-Nov-1993 A Study of Communication Strategies : Comprehensibility of Japanese English KOBAYASHI, Toshihiko; 小林, 敏彦
30-Sep-2022 A study of Naosuke Iiʼs politics, an aspect of political strife at the Bakumatzu Era (3) KIKUCHI, Hisashi
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