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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Oct-1994 Notes on Vocabulary and EFL OKANO, Satoshi; 岡野, 哲
0-Dec-2006 NPO法人の今 : 北海道インパクト推進協議会の活動を中心に 黒田, 重雄; Kuroda, Shigeo
17-Jan-2014 N‐(1‐ピレニルメチル)‐12‐アザクラウン‐4 エーテルの合成との錯体形成挙動 久保, 勘二; 小松崎, 華絵; 五十嵐, 徹太郎; 櫻井, 忠光; 松本, 泰昌; KUBO, Kanji; KOMATSUZAKI, Hanae; IGARASHI, Tetsutaro; SAKURAI, Tadamitsu; MATSUMOTO, Taisuke
31-Oct-1998 On Being a Schoolmaster (for Donald Wright, who gave me my chance) Jones, Willie; ジョーンズ, W.
31-Mar-2000 On Horses and Carts : Further Thoughts on Translation Jones, Willie
25-Mar-2017 On Some Singular Integral Operators Which are One to One Mappings on the Weighted Lebesgue-Hilbert Spaces YAMAMOTO, Takanori
25-Sep-2011 On the Essential 企業予算の本質的役割とその管理機能の発現 内田, 昌利; Uchida, Masatoshi
31-Mar-1999 On the Rank of Group : with Regard to NP Structure in Japanese OKANO, Satoshi; 岡野, 哲
25-Sep-2004 On Weight Functions and Norms of Some Singular Integral Operators YAMAMOTO, Takanori; 山本, 隆範
25-Dec-2010 Online EFL Discussion Forums in Communication Strategies and Writing Strategies Course Mark, MATSUNE
30-Sep-2011 Optimum Girder Height and Minimum Sectional Area of Highway Composite Girder Bridge Toma, Shouji; Maeda, Jun-ya
25-Dec-2015 OR/MS 教育の現状に関する一考察 上田, 雅幸; Ueda, Masayuki
25-Dec-2010 Outlining Onboard Training for Cross-Cultural Understanding:Possibility of The Ship for World Youth Program ISHII, Haruko
25-Jun-2016 P-CHECK : Peer Feedback を利用した発音練習プラグインソフトウェア 米坂, スザンヌ; 上野, 之江; 大西, 昭夫; YONESAKA, Suzanne; UENO, Yukie; ONISHI, Akio
29-Jul-2005 Peter Gzowski's Early Career as Journalist and Broadcaster: From the Mid-1950's to the Mid-1970's Kirkwold, Lorne O.; カークワード, ローン
31-Jul-2009 Practical Phonetics for Language Learners : Evaluating a Blended Course Yonesaka, Suzanne M.; 米坂, スザンヌ
30-Jul-2011 Pragmatic Failures and Language Ideologies:Challenges in the Japanese EFL context Jeremie, Bouchard
30-Oct-2015 Preprocessing of Electroencephalograms by Independent Component Analysis for Spatiotemporal Localization of Brain Activity YAMANOI, Takahiro; OHNISHI, Shin-ich; TANAKA, Yoshinori; TOYOSHIMA, Hisashi; YAMAZAKI, Toshimasa
31-Mar-2006 Product Development Emphasized on Design : Case of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd Morinaga, Yasufumi
25-Dec-2018 Pronunciation Teaching and Research: Inclusion and Exclusion Yonesaka, Suzanne M.
24-Dec-2021 Properties of computer-simulated fractal speckles Uozumi, Jun
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