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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Aug-2020 Comment 2 Bouchard, Jeremie
0-Sep-2007 Communicative Language Testing ZEFF, B. Bricklin; ゼフ, ブリックリン
20-Feb-2004 Comparative Study of the Japanese Seismic Design Specifications vs. Caltrans' SDC TOURZANI, Abbas; MAHAN, Mark; TOMA, Shouji
21-Feb-2005 Computation of the Acoustic Characteristics of Vocal-tract Models with Geometrical Perturbation by Using Higher-order Modes MOTOKI, Kunitoshi; MATSUZAKI, Hiroki
30-Nov-2001 Concept Mapping : Reading as a Cognitive Process SUENAGA, Eiji Leland
31-Mar-1995 CONCEPTS OF MODERN IDENTITY AMONG THE AINU OF HOKKAIDO AND THE GAELS OF SCOTLAND. (Joint Research Project : "Methodological Studies on Crosscultural Understanding in International Communication : Toward Effective Policies for Reducing Cultural Barriers") SMITH, Ian
30-Sep-2021 Consideration of the Factors that Led to the Huge End-of-Life Vehicles and Used Auto Parts Trading between Japan and Malaysia ASAZUMA, Yutaka; MUSTAFFA, Nur Kamaliah; OKAMOTO, Katsunori
31-Oct-1998 Content-Based Language Instruction in Second/Foreign Language Programs Cunliffe, Brenda; カンリフ, B.
30-Nov-1999 Contrapuntal Discourses in Jane Urquhart's Irish-Canadian Novel Away (1993) Sellwood, Jane Leslie
12-Jan-2018 Control of PLEN Robot by Electroencephalograms on Recalling Images of Its Movement YAMANOI, TAKAHIRO; TAKAYANAGI, HIROSHI; TOYOSHIMA, HISASHI; YAMAZAKI, TOSHIMASA; SUGENO, MICHIO
20-Feb-2006 Cooperative Learning Project : Using Advertisements in the Classroom HIRATA, Yoko
30-Jun-2021 COVID-19の危機管理に対する国の財産的責任 ガブリエル, ドメネク・パスクアル; Gabriel, Doménech Pascual; 鈴木, 光(訳); SUZUKI, Hikaru(translator)
18-Jun-2011 Creating Listening Activities for Moodle with Audacity Ian, MUNBY
25-Jul-2022 Critical realism and sociolinguistics Jeremie, BOUCHARD
0-Jun-2007 CRMの戦略的意義と課題 遠藤, 雄一; Endo, Yuichi
26-Nov-2018 Crystal Structure of 2-Amino-7-methoxytropone KUBO, Kanji
25-Nov-2019 Crystal Structure of 7-(Diethylamino)-3-(4-phenyl-2-oxazolyl)coumarin KUBO, Kanji; MATSUMOTO, Taisuke; TAKECHI, Haruko
25-Jul-2018 Crystal Structure of 7-Diethylaminocoumarin-3-carboxylic Acid Hydrazide at 123 K KUBO, Kanji; MATSUMOTO, Taisuke; TAKECHI, Haruko; TAKAHASHI, Hajime
14-Jan-2016 Crystal Structure of 9,10-Bis(morpholinomethyl)anthracene KUBO, Kanji
25-Mar-2017 Crystal Structure of Cholesteryl Coumarin-3-Carbamate KUBO, Kanji; MATSUMOTO, Taisuke; IDETA, Keiko; TAKAHASHI, Hajime
25-Dec-2017 Crystal Structure of Tris[(1-naphthoyloxy)ethyl]amine KUBO, Kanji
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